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Noosh non-binary man counsellor therapist smiling

Noosh a smiling non-binary trans man looks into the camera as he sits next to some sunflowers in a jar.
He wears glasses, a flowery short sleeved shirt and a silver anchor on a chain around his neck.

trans flag
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Hello my name is Noosh (my pronouns are he/they) and I am a Qualified and BACP Registered Person-Centred Counsellor.


I offer long or short term individual counselling to adults (18+) at my practice in Hove (paused due to COVID-19). Online work is both in and outside of the UK.

My personal experience of therapy lead me to finding my own autonomy and empowerment. As a therapist I am passionate about equality and supporting clients to live their life the way they want.

I am anti-ableist, fat positive, feminist, LGBTQIA+ allied, HIV / AIDS allied, intersex allied, open relationship, poly & non-monogamy allied, Racial Justice allied, refugee allied, sex worker allied, sex-positive, Kink/BDSM allied.

Proud to be trans, neurodivergent and of duel nationality. Born and raised in London my primary language is English, also speaking intermediate Polish with a lived experience of Polish culture.


I am ‘non-directive’, which means that you as my client lead in our sessions. I won’t tell you what to do, or offer advice, as I believe that you hold the answers within yourself. I will be by your side aiming to offer you the best environment to support you in your process. My work is non medical. Offering therapeutic a relationship to clients from differing walks of life, cultures and communities.

I am especially passionate in supporting trans, non-binary, gender diverse and questioning clients, and/or clients who are neurodivergent, and/or clients with disabilities.


Online assessment via video/voice or telephone call £30. All therapeutic sessions are £65. I have a limited amount of lower rate sessions available.

I am committed to my own personal and professional development, attending regular clinical supervision and attending Continuing Professional Development (CPD) training.


I am a registered BACP Member and follow the BACP code of Ethics, which you can download here.

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