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Noosh Online Counselling

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A photograph of Noosh smiling looking into the camera, touching his beard.
He is white, has blue eyes, colour tattoos and wears a black shirt with white flowers on.

He wears silver rings on his fingers and 2 silver necklaces around his neck.

Hello my name is Noosh and I am a Qualified and BACP Registered Person-Centred therapist. I offer long or short term individual counselling to adults (18+) online in and outside of the UK.

My personal experience of therapy lead me to finding my own autonomy and empowerment. I am passionate about equality and supporting clients to live their life the way they want. Offering a therapeutic relationship to clients from differing intersections, walks of life, cultures and communities. I'm anti-ableist, fat positive, feminist, LGBTQIA+ allied, HIV / AIDS allied, intersex allied, open relationship, poly & non-monogamy allied, Racial Justice allied, refugee allied, sex worker allied, sex-positive, Kink/BDSM allied.

Person-Centered Therapy is ‘non-directive’, meaning you as my client choose what you want to talk about in sessions. I won’t tell you what to do, or offer advice, as I believe that you hold the answers within yourself. I will be by your side aiming to offer you the best environment to support you in your process. My work is non medical (whilst able to work alongside any diagnosis clients my have or identify with). I’m an intersectional, neurodivergent therapist with an extensive background supporting neurodivergent clients.


My fee is £70.

Click here for examples of what clients have brought to sessions.

If you'd like to know about previous clients experience working with me, please click testimonials.

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