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Living with disability and/or neurodiversity in a an ableist world can cause feelings of depression, anxiety, stress, anger, or self-esteem issues.

I offer specialist support to clients with disability and/or neurodiversity. This includes being able to offer counselling to clients with dementia, learning disabilities, brain injury, those who are non-verbal & clients who may experience psychosis.

At my practice I am able to offer accessible entry into the building at ground level, with access to a ramp if you use a wheelchair or other mobility aids. The rooms that we meet are on the ground floor.


  • Are you experiencing a degenerative illness or disability?

  • Do you have a learning disability or disabilities and want to feel heard?

  • Are you preparing for the end of your life?

I am trained in ‘Pre-Therapy’, and can offer contact to:

  • Clients with dementia

  • Clients who do not use words to communicate or are non-verbal

  • Clients who may experience psychosis

  • Clients on the autistic spectrum

  • Clients with brain injuries


Click on FAQ to read about 'Pre-Therapy'.

Specialism: Physical Disabilities, Contact Impairments & Brain Injury: Services
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